No5's Harpreet Sandhu successful in prosecuting five for murder

Mon, 17 Jan 2022

Harpreet Sandhu (whose appointment as a QC was announced in December 2021) was instructed but the CPS’ Complex Casework Unit (West Midlands) as part of the prosecution team in this case which arose out of the fatal drive-by shooting of Abdul-Rahman Abu-Baker in May 2018 in Highgate, Birmingham. Five men were convicted of murder and served life sentences following a trial which began in August 2021 and which lasted some 9 weeks.

Judge Francis Laird, passing sentence, told the killers: "The investigation into this murder has not revealed the motive for it. However, from the evidence presented at the trial, I am sure it was a well-organised and perfectly-executed plan to kill using a firearm and stolen cars.

"I am sure each of you was fully aware of the full nature of the plan from the outset. It is abundantly clear from the evidence others who have not been apprehended were also involved. It is unclear to me on the evidence whether Abdul Rahman Abubaker himself was the intended target or whether the plan was to kill one of the guests at the barbecue."

He added: "There is insufficient evidence to prove anyone of you is the gunman. Indeed the evidence tends to exclude Fahmi Daahir, Mustafa Omar and Shire Elmi from that role. And so each of you will be sentenced on the basis you are not. But for the avoidance of any doubt I am sure that each of you was fully aware that the plan was to kill with the use of a firearm."

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