No5 Barristers in Edgbaston murder trial

Mon, 15 Feb 2016

A martial arts expert has been accused of murdering a former soldier by stabbing him through the throat in a drink and drug-fuelled rage. 

Opening the case at Birmingham Crown Court, Adrian Keeling QC said Ktori flew into a drink and drug-fuelled rage when told his girlfriend had been propositioned by Mr McInally and another man Carl Martin.

Gary Bell QC is defending Troy Ktori, who has been accused of stabbing former soldier Charles McInally in the throat in a drug and alcohol-fuelled fury. He claimed he had turned his life around since leaving Wolverhampton, however, he was still prone to violence. 

Ktori said he launched the attack after meeting Mr McInally and his housemate on August 7 last year at a Birmingham pub. Ktori went back to Mr McInally's home with his girlfriend Crystal Jeffries and their friend Matthew Roper, where they continued drinking and taking drugs. 

Mr McInally allegedly insulted Ms Jeffries which prompted Ktori to punch him in the mouth. Ktori then left alone for home but later, when his girlfriend and Mr Roper joined him, he flew into a further fury on hearing that Mr McInally had physically attacked Ms Jeffries.

He claimed he was unarmed when he returned to the property, when Mr McInally opened the door, Ktori claimed he was carrying a knife. He disarmed him and gave chase when Mr Martin fled through the house before escaping over the garden fence, he said.

When he turned back into the property, he claimed he saw Mr McInally standing in front of him also armed with a knife. Ktori said he thrust his arms forward to avoid being attacked.

Under cross-examination by Mr Adrian Keeling QC, Ktori agreed it was 'pure bad chance' that he still had a large kitchen knife in his hand when he threw up his arms to protect himself.

He denies Mr McInally's murder, the trial continues.

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