No5 Barristers’ Chambers’ S Chelvan heralded as providing an additional framework to the Irish authorities

Wed, 20 Dec 2017

S Chelvan, an internationally recognised expert in protection claims based on sexual or gender identity or expression in Europe and beyond, has returned from Dublin having provided 2 days of intensive training on his DSSH model to the Irish authorities on 14 and 15 December.

David Castello, Chief International Protection Officer and Head of the International Protection Office (IPO) said of the training to primary decision-makers:

I was pleased to welcome Chelvan to the International Protection Office in Dublin to deliver training in relation to the DSSH model.  The DSSH [model] has provided the IPO with an additional framework within which to ask appropriate questions in the international protection process.  Staff found the material thought provoking and interesting and Chelvan’s delivery style kept everyone engaged.  I would like to thank the UNHCR for setting up the training for the office.”

Enda O’Neill, Head of Office, UNHCR Ireland said:

We are delighted in UNHCR Ireland that Chelvan was able to facilitate two days of training on the DSSH model at the International Protection Office.  Chelvan has extensive experience as an LGBTI expert and has delivered training for numerous national authorities in Europe and beyond on the DSSH model – Difference, Stigma, Shame, Harm – a tool to assist in examining asylum claims related to sexual orientation and gender identity.  We hope to welcome him back in 2018 to introduce the DSSH model to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal.” 



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