No5 Barristers’ Chambers represents both sides in Birmingham murder trial

Fri, 18 Jan 2019

Mark Heywood QC, and Tim Harrington, of No5 Barristers’ Chambers are prosecuting six defendants over the robbery and killing of 24-year-old Jaskaran Kang, who died from stab wounds on January 6 last year.

The body of Jaskaran Kang, from Handsworth, Birmingham, was discovered at a property in Stourbridge Road, Dudley, on 6 January.

Opening the case at Birmingham Crown Court Mr Heywood told the jury: "In the early hours of January 6 last year, four young men, all masked, and all armed with large knives, ready in their hands - and all acting together, kicked in the door of a first floor flat in Dudley.

"They intended to rob the occupant of that flat of drugs and they thought, money.

"As it happened, that occupant, a young man called Jaskaran Kang, was not alone in the flat. A friend of his had brought his girlfriend over for the night and they were in the bedroom while Mr Kang was on the sofa in the living room.

"Mr Kang must have gone to the door when the kicking began and either stepped or was forced onto the landing. Two men kept him there and two went inside and forced the friend to give them the drugs and they all left.

"But before they left, Mr Kang was attacked. He was stabbed numerous times and was left bleeding to death.”

The accused are: Joshua Campbell, 18, from King Edmond Street, Dudley; Dontay Ellis, 19 from Central Drive, Lower Gornal, Michael Cunningham, 18, of Newcastle under Lyme, and James Peake, 18, from Southgate Way, Dudley; Reggie Salmon, 21 from Stourbridge Road, Dudley; and Tyrone Johnson, 18 from Malthouse Drive, Dudley.

All six defendants are charged with conspiracy to rob. Cunningham and Peake have pleaded guilty, and the remaining four have pleaded not guilty. Cunningham, Ellis, Peake and Campbell deny murder. Salmon and Johnson have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in addition to the conspiracy.

Matthew Brook is defending Peake.

 The case continues.

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