New Book Offers Important Guidance On Changes To Contempt Of Court Procedure

Wed, 06 Oct 2021

Following changes to contempt of court procedure, particularly within civil and family courts, No5's Abid Mahmood has released a new book entitled Contempt of Court. The New Rules have been published to offer important guidance.

The book draws on Abid's wealth of experience as both a barrister and a judge in contempt of court proceedings. Using examples of recent cases alongside checklists that address the type, scope, and use of contempt of court, Abid has created an essential practice guide for lawyers, the judiciary and litigants alike.

Contempt of Court and the New Rules is also the first book to incorporate the important procedural changes brought about by the new Part 81 of the Civil Procedure Rules and new Part 37 of the Family Procedure Rules.

Abid comments: “Contempt of court cases are usually urgent by their very nature, and often require litigants and the courts to navigate procedure that may be unfamiliar to them. The serious nature of contempt proceedings and the wide variety of situations in which contempt can arise has developed piecemeal over centuries and has not always been easy to follow. Contempt requires consideration of imprisonment and so it is absolutely vital that correct procedure is followed.

This is often easier said than done, especially when you consider the emotionally charged nature of contempt of court proceedings. That is where the new rules are designed to facilitate dispassionate consideration, and why it is critical that we all become fully aware of the latest changes, whether when making the decisions or appearing as Claimants or Defendants”

The book also contains an important guide on how alleged contemnors can, and should, secure non-means tested legal aid. It is a much-discussed issue within legal profession at the moment, and one which is particularly relevant in contempt of court proceedings.  

Abid concludes: “It is no secret that the UK courts are going through a very challenging period, and are overworked in the face of a backlog of cases. The courts are under immense pressure and the safety and security of judges and court staff is being severely tested. It is crucial that those involved in these contempt cases understand the impact of the new rules in a digestible format and this practical guide will provide a helpful route map for them.”

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