Matthew Brook defends barbecue arsonist

Wed, 04 Sep 2013

Dariusz Garbacki, 28, has admitted arson after lighting a disposable barbecue in his sister’s living room.

Garbacki had been binge drinking for several days when he attempted to cook sausages on the barbeque inside his sister’s house in Wolverhampton. After becoming frustrated at the length of time it took to heat up, he threw lighter fluid over the tray and also floorboards and internal wooden doors.

When his sister returned home, she found three fire damaged doors and shattered smoke alarms in the back garden, and alerted police and the fire service. Garbacki was found by officers nearby and arrested.

PC Holt, investigating officer, said: “The fire caused a significant amount of damage and burned a large hole in the floor and joists. It’s a terraced house so the blaze could easily have spread to adjoining homes - it’s lucky no-one was injured or killed.”

Garbacki has been jailed for three years.

Please click here to read the full story as reported by the Birmingham Mail.

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