John Butterfield QC prosecutes drug network trial

Fri, 13 Oct 2017

Nine people are on trial at Worcester Crown Court, accused of being part of a major drugs network.

John Butterfield QC of No5 Barristers’ Chambers is prosecuting the case, and told the jury that the defendants conspired to bring tens of thousands of pounds worth of cocaine into Worcester from Liverpool.

The jury was also shown covert police surveillance footage of one of the defendants allegedly dropping off a consignment of cocaine at the home of one of his co-conspirators.

The following deny conspiracy to supply cocaine between September 6, 2011, and October 6, 2015: Lee Bryant, aged 49, of Selborne Road West, Barbourne, Worcester; David Warren, aged 42, of Grasmere Drive, Warndon, Worcester; Ashley James, aged 31, of Cherington Close, Worcester; Deborah Crowther, aged 50; Todd Porter, aged 31 and Tiffany Porter, aged 21, all of Hollymount Road, Tolladine, Worcester; James Jones, aged 42, of Tolladine Road, Worcester and Liam Pearson, aged 51, of Aylton Road, Liverpool. Warren also denies transferring criminal property, either drugs or money, in April 2015. James, 31, and partner Elizabeth Cottle, aged 25, of Cherington Close, Worcester, deny conspiracy to conceal criminal property between 2011 and 2015.James also denies conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in October 2015. The trial continues.

John Butterfield QC has practised exclusively in crime, both prosecuting and defending, since his call to the Bar in 1995.

Follow the link to read a report of the ongoing trial:



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