John Attwood represents "guilty conscience" Birmingham Looter

Fri, 26 Aug 2011

A man who looted an Adidas store in Birmingham handed himself in due to his guilty conscience, a court heard.
Leonard Stephens, aged 22, of St Andrew's Road, went to a police station not long after he took the items.
He pleaded guilty to burglary at an earlier hearing.
A 25-year-old man who looted an Armani store was jailed for 20 months. Esa Harding was caught on CCTV and identified by a blood sample.
Birmingham Crown Court heard Harding, of George Arthur Road, in Saltley, admitted burglary after he went into the Armani store in the Mailbox and stole a t-shirt.
Judge Melbourne Inman QC said: "A very serious set of offences were committed, you realised that they had been committed and then decided to take advantage of that."
Birmingham was first affected by disorder on 8 August.
The trouble continued into the next day and included an incident when three young men were killed when they were struck by a car as they tried to protect property in Winson Green.

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