Hashi Mohamed appointed Special Adviser to David Anderson QC

Fri, 01 Apr 2016

Hashi Mohamed has today been announced as one of three Special Advisers who will assist David Anderson QC this year, in his important endeavour as the Independent Reviewer of Terror Legislation.

Working alongside Hashi will be Clive Walker QC, Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Leeds, a world expert on counter-terrorism law. Alyson Kilpatrick BL, a barrister in England and Wales and in Northern Ireland who has served on a part-time basis as Human Rights Adviser to the Northern Irish Policing Board since 2012.

The role of the Independent Reviewer is to inform the public and political debate on anti-terrorism law in the United Kingdom.  He does this through the regular reports that are prepared for the Home Secretary or Treasury and then laid before Parliament, in evidence to parliamentary committees, in articles and speeches, in media interviews and debates, in posts on this website and via twitter. The uniqueness of the role lies in its complete independence from government, coupled with access based on a very high degree of clearance to secret and sensitive national security information and personnel.

At a time when terrorism and the use of terror powers is at the forefront of our minds, it is with a distinct honour that Hashi accepted to serve for the remainder of his term as Independent Reviewer. It is hoped that the Special Advisers will assist the Independent Reviewer by increasing the range and depth of the work he, and his successors, are able to do in the future. 

The issue of how terrorism affects us as a society, and how we respond has been of particular interest to Hashi, most recently delivering a lecture which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4, you can listen here. Hashi will similarly be tweeting about the work he undertakes.

To learn more about Hashi's Public Law work, please visit click here.

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