Harpreet Sandhu KC prosecutes Nuneaton manslaughter case

Tue, 07 Mar 2023

Harpreet Sandhu KC prosecuted Pierce Whelan who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of one pedestrian in Nuneaton and causing serious injury by dangerous driving to another on 19 June 2021.  The defendant had consumed alcohol in excess of the drink drive limit and had smoked cannabis before he committed these offences.   He drove in excess of the speed limit before colliding with his victims.  Both victims were lifted onto the bonnet of his car.  The male pedestrian fell off the bonnet and sustained life-changing injuries.  The deceased was lifted onto the bonnet and was dragged and trapped under the car as the defendant continued to drive away.  He drove when he could not see through the smashed windscreen of his car.  Other pedestrians saw and heard her as she screamed.  The defendant drove for a kilometre with the deceased under his car.  He drove over six speed humps.  The defendant abandoned the deceased when she became disentangled from the car. She had sustained crushing-type injuries.  She died from her chest injuries. The defendant then abandoned his car before handing himself in to a police station where he told lies about when he had drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis.

The defendant was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment.  He was disqualified from driving for life.




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