Gay Asylum Seekers Going to Extreme Lengths to Prove Sexuality

Wed, 27 Feb 2013

Gay asylum seekers are going to extreme lengths to prove their sexuality to avoid being returned to countries where they face persecution.
Prior to 2010 some asylum seekers who were at risk if they were to be returned to states where same-sex conduct is illegal, were refused based on the grounds that they could behave with discretion. However, changes introduced by the UK Border Agency in 2010 means that now refusals for asylum are generally made based on the grounds that asylum seekers cannot prove that they are gay. 
S Chelvan, says that these new guidelines are causing bizarre consequences and delivered a lecture on 5 February at the Law Society, dealing with the extreme methods individuals are going to in order to justify their requests for refuge. Please click here to read the press release about the lecture.
To read the article as reported by the BBC, and listen to the clip from BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, please click here
To read the full article as reported by the Guardian, please click here.
To read the full article as reported by the Huffington Post, please click here.
To read the full article as reported by the Pink News, please click here.
The audio of the lecture can be downloaded from The Law Society CPD Centre, by clicking here.

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