Ecky Tiwana defends former footballer on match-fix charges

Fri, 24 Apr 2015

No5 Barrister Ecky Tiwana defends a former Premier League striker accused of trying to bribe players over a match-fixing scheme.

Delroy Facey, 35, is accused of acting for two men who have already been convicted for match-fixing to commit bribery, in November 2013.

Opening the defence in Birmingham Crown Court on the 23rd April 2015 Mr Tiwana asked Facey if he knew of any plan to fix games, to which Facey replied “No”.

Krishna Ganeshan, was jailed last year after being convicted over a conspiracy to fix non-league football matches in the UK. He was found guilty alongside Chann Sankaran and were both sentenced to 5 years in prison.

It was heard that Facey said he agreed to join Sankaran’s firm Matchworld Sports Ltd, as a football consultant in 2013 after the end of his professional career.

It was understood that Faceys role was to “talk to players” for the purpose of representing them as agents. In which Mr Tiwana asked whether there was any knowledge of fixing Conference games with Facey replying “No . Sir.”

Facey said that alarm bells started ringing when he read a story about Australian players whom were connected to Sankaran being arrested on match-fixing allegations, however he did not break off contact.

Facey denies charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, the trial continues.

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