Earl Pinnock defends in dentist blackmail case

Tue, 16 Sep 2014

Luke Burton, 31, and Amelia Horn, 24, have been jailed after blackmailing two professional men.

Horn, an escort, had sexual activity with two men, referred to as Man A and Man B. She threatened Man A, saying she would tell people what they had done and demanded £5,000. Thinking his career and family would be ruined, he paid the money. Four months later Burton contacted him demanding a further £10,000, falsely claiming Horn was underage, and threatening to go to the press and his family. He again paid the money.

On the same day, Burton contacted Man B, also claiming Horn was underage and that he had videos of their encounter, demanding £5,000. Man B contacted the police after the extortion threats were made.

Horn admitted three counts of blackmail, Burton admitted two counts of blackmail and both were given two and a half year sentences. Burton’s girlfriend, Loretta Issac, 24, admitted possessing criminal property and was given a one year prison sentence, suspended for two years.

Earl Pinnock, representing Burton, said “This was not a campaign of psychological terror on the part of Mr Burton extending over a significant period”, he was involved in the “opportunistic” blackmails for one day. 

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