David Mason QC prosecutes husband found guilty of wife's murder

Wed, 27 Jan 2021

Gurpreet Singh has today been convicted of murdering his second wife, Sarbjit Kaur, on the 16th February 2018.

They lived at 7, Rookery Lane in Wolverhampton.

Gurpreet Singh planned the killing of his wife, having enlisted the help of an unknown woman, who arrived at the house to help him just after he returned home from taking his 2 children to school.

The unknown woman was seen by chance as a result of some CCTV obtained from a house opposite, which captured her arrival just after 8.15am on the morning of Sarbjit’s death. Sarbjit was never heard from or seen after that time.

The Prosecution case was that she was strangled between 08.15 and 09.00, when Gurpreet Singh left for work. Before he left, he ransacked his own house to make it appear that there had been a burglary.

The unknown woman followed him from the premises a few minutes later and then disappeared, despite a huge police effort to find her.

Mr Singh then pretended to carry out a normal day at work, before picking up his 2 children and arriving home to find Sarbjit dead on the floor in her workroom. His children had the misfortune to see their Stepmother dead on the floor.

Throughout the course of the trial, he tried to blame the brother of his first wife for having carried out the killing. He never accepted that he was aware of any other person being present in the house before he left for work that morning.

The jury of 10 convicted Gurpreet Singh unanimously after 5 days in deliberation.

David Mason QC prosecuted this case and Talbir Singh was Defending Junior for Mr Singh.


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