Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury work at No5 Barristers' Chambers during the coronavirus outbreak

Tue, 31 Mar 2020

Dear all,

I hope you and your families are keeping well in these very unusual times. Who could have envisaged even just a few weeks ago this situation we all now find ourselves in. We just wanted to communicate to you all what our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Groups are doing and to assure you as best as we can it is business as usual.

As we expect is the position with most if not all of you, our barrister and clerking team are all working remotely from home. At the moment we are manning our Birmingham office with one clerk each day so we have a facility to deal with any hard copy papers and incoming post (but would request as far as possible they are sent in electronically). Our phones are diverted and for information we have listed below the direct dials and contact email addresses for our clerking team.

Whilst our events calendar is currently on hold and work may be a little quieter for everyone going forward with courts closing and minimalisng their timetable, experts being relied upon more for front line NHS duties and the difficulties we face with obtaining medical records, we are looking to put together a webinar timetable and newsletters so please ‘watch this space’ for further information.

In terms of IT, where required Chambers can continue to offer telephone and video conferencing facilities. For the past couple of weeks JSM’s and mediations have been proceeding both by phone and video with all parties in separate locations and this seems to be working remarkably well. All our IT information will be updated on the website but please speak to the clerks, they will be happy to sort the arrangements for you.

Best wishes and keep safe
Paul & Chris

Paul Bleasdale QC
Head of the Personal Injury Group

Chris Bright QC
Head of the Clinical Negligence Group



Fast-track team
0845 241 7005
[email protected]

Pete Mottram 0121 606 5910
Matt Reeves 0121 606 5992
Luke Clarke 0121 606 5939

Multi-track team
0845 241 7006
[email protected]

Zoe Tinnion 0121 606 5909
Clare Radburn 0121 606 5969
Rob McDonald 0121 606 6109
William Theaker 0207 420 7508
Georgia Hickey 0207 420 7504





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