Christopher Hotten QC Prosecutes Barracks Murder Trial

Wed, 01 Oct 2014

A solider, Corporal McNeil, was found brutally murdered with his neck broken in 3 different places in a suspected revenge attack from fellow comrade, Corporal Richard Farrell, 23. Christopher Hotten QC, prosecuting said that significant force had been applied to the neck that killed Cpl McNeil.

 DNA evidence recovered from Farrell’s top and shoes matched those of McNeil.  Cpl Richard Farrell denied murder; Christopher Hotten QC said that the attacker intended to cause the victim serious injury and as a result dying from those injuries. 'This murder is no different to a murder committed in a street or a pub or someone’s home or indeed anywhere else.'

Both Cpl Farrell and Cpl McNeil had been out drinking separately, coming together in the early hours of 8th March, Christopher Hotten QC said there were no hard feelings between the two Soldiers, who only knew each other professionally.

The jurors were told that over the course of the trial, testimonies from fellow soldiers are to be heard and forensics, CCTV footage and mobile phone evidence are to be reviewed.

Proceedings were adjourned for the day but the trial, expected to last four weeks, continues.

For more information on Christopher Hotten QC please click here.

Please click here to view the article reported by the Daily Mail and Shropshire Star.

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