Cab driver in crash denied compensation

Mon, 22 Jul 2013

Mahmood Hussain, 37, a taxi driver from Worcester, has been denied compensation after a judge found he was implicated in a ‘cash for crash’ fraud.

Hussain claims that he was driving down Timberline Avenue when another driver, who gave the name Richard Jones, crashed into him. Jones had taken out a policy on the day of the accident with Acromas Insurance, who challenged Hussain’s claim for £15,000 in damages.

The claim collapsed at Worcester County Court in December, when it was found that R Jones could not be traced, and the accident probably never happened. Judge Pearce-Higgins said “The extent of his involvement in the conspiracy is not entirely clear but, for present purposes, I am satisfied, on balance … that there was not a genuine accident by Mr Hussain and it is not a genuine claim.”

Last week, Lord Justice Floyd refused Hussain permission to appeal at London’s Civil Appeal Court, saying the appeal faced “insuperable difficulties” and stood “no reasonable prospect of success”. The Judge noted that none of the passengers, all known to Hussain, had supported him in court and that the damage to his car was inconsistent with his account of the accident.

Please click here to read the article as reported by Insurance Times.

Please click here to view the profile for Jamie Gamble, who represented the insurance company at the trial at Worcester County Court last year.

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