Barristers inspire school pupils with a visit to No5 Barristers’ Chambers

Tue, 28 May 2019

Three barristers from No5 Barristers’ Chambers have taken part in an inspirational project and shared an insight into their careers with pupils from Christ Church Primary School in Sparkbrook.

I Can Be is an educational programme that brings seven and eight-year-old girls into the world of work, introducing them to inspiring women and helping them to discover the breadth of opportunity around them.  The organisation contacted barrister Sarah Allen to organise a day for pupils to learn more about barristers.

Barristers Chloe Ashley, Ramya Nagesh and Sam Forsyth welcomed the pupils to the Birmingham chambers and explained how they too could follow a career in law.

The session began with pupils asking questions about the barristers’ career paths and progressed on to a debate about whether school uniform should be worn – a debate which left opinions split.

Chloe, who also allowed the pupils to try on her wig and gown, said: “The pupils asked some very insightful questions and hopefully we were able to offer them some inspiration with our answers.

“We discussed everything from working hours and the varied routine to crime and punishment. I hope that we helped the children to understand the need for a fair criminal justice system.”

Sam added: “One of the questions we were asked was whether it is possible to be a mum and be a barrister, and I was keen to explain that they can do both. It is important to note that it is only within the last 100 years that women have been allowed to be barristers and there is no reason why having a family should hold them back in this day and age!”

The pupils had previously been given biographies of the three barristers in advance and asked Ramya, who had listed her interest in history and English, what inspired her.

She told the pupils history taught her to discover different viewpoints and that English was important for good communication, as well as highlighting the pleasure of reading.

She added: “Mine is a very exciting job, it allows me to choose different places to live and work and everyone you meet is different.”

Tony McDaid, chief executive and director of clerking at No5 Barristers’ Chambers, concluded: “We were delighted to support the I Can Be programme and hope the children were inspired by the barristers and their enthusiasm for their roles.

“It was an excellent session and we enjoyed hosting Christ Church Primary School on the day.”


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