Alex Mellis addresses fixed costs in personal injury in new book

Wed, 13 Oct 2021

Fixed costs in personal injury are supposed to be straight forward, avoid the need for time spent on assessment and control the level of costs payable by Defendants. Whilst it usually secures those aims, there are gaps, lacunas, nuances and specific interpretations which any practitioner - be it solicitor, CILEX, paralegal, counsel or judge.

Author, Alex Mellis highlights: “Fixed costs frequently raise small but not unimportant issues, the answers to which may not necessarily be obvious solely from the rules or require a trawl through and cross referencing of different parts of the Civil Procedure Rules, increasing the chance of a relevant rule being overlooked. This new book is designed to provide a breakdown of the case-law on those issues, set out the answers where they have been provided by the courts, highlight developing practice if no set answer exists and short cut the need for the CPR trawl. Given the announcement of the extension of the fixed costs regime, it may yet be the case that the matters covered in this book extend outside of the personal injury law sphere." 

To buy A Practical Guide to Personal Injury Fixed Costs in Portal and Ex-Portal Cases, please visit:  or via Amazon.

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