International Human Rights

The No5's international human rights barristers are dedicated to advising and representing individuals who have legal problems which raise issues as to the implementation of human rights obligations in the domestic context as well as in the international setting.

Drawing on interdisciplinary experience and expertise, our members are able to deal with cases across a diverse range of fields which have at their core a human rights dimension or are primarily about the implementation of international human rights obligations.

These include issues relating to:

  • detention, prisoners rights including the treatment of foreign nationals prisoners, deaths in custody,
  • human rights in recognition of foreign judgment and mutual recognition and assistance (extradition),
  • the rights of families of the deceased in inquests,
  • fair trial rights including fair trials abroad,
  • human rights challenges to police actions and actions of executive bodies both in the UK and abroad,
  • freedom from arbitrary discrimination on grounds of an individual’s gender, race, or any other person characteristic or status,
  • the human rights of children for example in education, welfare and criminal contexts,
  • the right to protest,
  • freedom of expression, including religious rights,
  • the human rights of migrant workers and students,
  • human rights in national security, secrecy and data protection,
  • the extra-territorial application of human rights obligations and
  • all areas where the coercive mechanisms of the state impinge on individual human rights.

Members of the group have been involved in several important high profile cases and are actively involved in human rights activities outside of their work in a range of fields. They are expected to bring a high level of commitment to the protection of human rights.

The experienced clerking team for the human rights barristers' is based principally at our London office and can be contacted on the chambers national number or the London office number (0207 420 7500).

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