Members of the group have extensive experience in advising upon claims arising from all types of medical mishap, including cases of the utmost severity and value.

A large part of the Group’s work derives from errors in general practice, including failures to refer or delays in referral for specialist opinion, as well as hospital care. Members of the group have wide experience of cases arising from failures to identify and manage orthopaedic injuries or impending surgical emergencies and medication errors including over-prescription of medication resulting in addiction. They provide specialist advice upon failures to prevent and promptly to act upon signs of infection and sepsis, IVF accidents, physiotherapy failures, failures arising in reporting or acting upon radiology and haematology, and mismanagement of chronic conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

Members of the group are often invited to speak to solicitors and organisations such as AvMA.

Members of the group are well versed in recommending appropriate experts to those instructing them.

Please view the list of barristers with relevant experience.  If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact one of the clerks who will be pleased to assist in recommending the appropriate Counsel for any case.

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