Settlement of Claims and Exit Packages Seminar

Hosted by the North West Employment Law Group, this evening session will be a practical and interactive seminar where strategies and the legal framework will be discussed relating to all things ‘settlement’.

The seminar will look at how the ‘without prejudice’ rule and the ‘protected conversations’ regime are applied in respect of settling employment disputes either before or after a tribunal claim has been started. It will also consider how not to fall foul of these rules and what behaviour might indeed risk such a situation arising.

An examination of the differences between and the benefits and drawbacks of both ‘settlement agreements’ and ‘COT3 Agreements’ will be made along with typical issues that might arise in respect of certain types of clauses in such agreements – such as confidentiality restrictions.

Finally there will be an opportunity for delegates to share their ‘top tips’ on approaches to and techniques to apply in discussing and negotiating settlements and exits will finish off this interactive talk.