Planning for the Recovery webinar - episode 2

If you missed the webinar you can watch the recording below:

*Other episodes in this series are available to watch here*


A panel of Planning Barristers from No5 Barristers’ Chambers look ahead to the post-lockdown planning world. Episode One took place on Thursday 30 April: there were some connection problems so the whole episode was re-recorded without interruptions and is available here.  The slides which set out the topics and the cases referred to are available here.

In Episode Two, the Panel will answer 12 of the most popular and pertinent questions sent in by clients in response to last week’s episode.  These are the questions posed by consultants, developers, local authorities, housebuilders, parish councils and resident’s groups. The emphasis here is on the practical solutions required to keep the planning system moving for the rest of 2020.

The panel are Christopher Young QC, Thea Osmund-Smith, James Corbet Burcher, Jack Smyth and Leanne Buckley-Thomson


  • Neighbourhood Plans: Do we really have to wait until May 2021 for Neighbourhood Plan referendums?
  • Local Plans: Post-this crisis will Government policy give LPA's chance to catch up on delivery of development plans or will economic recovery and growth take priority
  • Local Plans (Soundness): To avoid sterile debate at EiPs, should terrible Plans fail faster?


  • Site Visits: How to determine a planning application in the absence of a site visit? 
  • Committee Meetings: What do an LPA need to do to hold a virtual committee meeting?

Public Participation at Appeals

  • Appeal Procedure: How will cross-examination work via video-conferencing?
  • Access: What happens if an objector wishes to make representations but has no access to a computer/laptop?
  • Access: How can public involvement in planning inquiries and hearings be safeguarded?

Data, Evidence and Assessment

  • Viability: How are we going to assess viability in the light of limited comparable property transactions?
  • Housing Land Supply: How do LPAs make robust assessments robust of supply in the absence of data?


  • Internal Works: How to investigate and gather evidence on alleged unauthorised internal works to a listed building during lockdown?
  • Immunity: How will COVID-19 affect continuity of use for the purposes of immunity against enforcement action?

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