Planning for Recovery webinar

If you missed the webinar you can watch the recording below:

*Other episodes in this series are available to watch here*


A panel of Planning Barristers from No5 Barristers' Chambers look ahead to the post-lockdown planning world.

The panel will be debating with one another the answers to the Top 10 issues that clients are presently asking about.

These are the questions being asked by consultants, developers, local authorities, housebuilders, parish councils and residents groups.  The emphasis here is on the practical solutions required for the rest of the year, including:

  • What will a planning inquiry this summer look like?
  • What happens to permissions that expired during lockdown?
  • How to predict the effect of Covid 19 on five year supply?
  • How do you consult with people at risk if they have to self-isolate until the end of the year?
  • How will a local plan examination proceed if there is social distancing until Christmas?
  • How do you consult on an EIA when there is a need for physical inspection?

The panel comprises barristers advising and acting for all sides of the planning system including developers, local authorities and residents groups

Chaired by Christopher Young QC, the panel consists of Jack Smyth, Leanne Buckley-Thomson, Thea Osmund-Smith and James Corbet Burcher



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