Enforcement of judgments obtained from the US and DIFC Courts in the UK– 30 March

Maria Mulla (Barrister at No5 Barristers' Chambers) and Matthew Purcell (Partner at Saunders Law) invite you to join a webinar discussing the enforcement of judgments obtained from the US and the DIFC Courts, in England and Wales.

In our increasingly globalised world, it is common in commercial litigation for a successful claimant to be faced with a situation where a Defendant has assets spread across the globe – particularly in England, as global financial and centre of wealth.   Despite the much vaunted ‘special relationship’ between England and the US, there are no reciprocal agreements between our two countries, allowing for the automatic recognition of judgments. Similarly, for a judgment obtained from the DIFC the common law regime will need to be utilised for enforcing the judgment in the UK.

This means fresh proceedings need to be started in England, to enforce a judgment from the US or DFIC – essentially suing on the judgment, as a debt. At first glance, the process is comparatively straightforward, but there are traps for the unwary, which Maria and Matthew will clearly explain.

This webinar will examine the practical steps needed to enforce these judgments in England, with a commercially robust approach, by looking at:

  1. How to commence a claim to enforce a judgment from the US or DIFC courts
  2. The fastest route to getting the judgment recognised and then enforced
  3. Defences that may be raised and how to defeat them
  4. Practical case studies

Anyone is welcome to join this webinar, which will last approximately an hour, with time for questions.  

Maria Mulla is a barrister at No5 Chambers, with considerable experience in all aspects of commercial litigation and specifically, those cases with an international element.

Matthew Purcell is a Partner and Head of Commercial Litigation at Saunders Law, a boutique litigation firm in the City of London.   Matthew leads a team specialising in complex, high-value litigation, often with an international element and has experience enforcing judgments obtained from the US. He is currently working closely with Maria on an elaborate international dispute arising out of a JVA.  



Maria Mulla and Matthew Purcell