Cross examination, political interviewing and interrogation

Why do some questions have us tongue tied, whether in court, in interviews or in the boardroom? Why is it that some people seem to have the knack of putting people on the spot or even getting them to confess to crimes that they have not committed? Why do other people seem especially good at sliding out of difficult questions?

The webinar will offer some explanation of why and will be of interest to anyone whose work involves questioning. It will look at successful and disastrous questions asked by famous cross examiners, television interviewers and also interrogation techniques used in other parts of the world. Ranging from Rufus Isaacs QC, George Carman QC, Jeremy Paxman, Robin Day, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and even Herman Goering, it will consider successful and disastrous answers from adversarial questioning in history and offer an analysis of the techniques used.

The presenters will be Robert Hunter and Natasha Mutch. Robert is an experienced solicitor advocate who for 35 years specialised in fraud litigation and conducted some of the largest trials to come before the English court. His work included interviewing and cross examining those suspected of fraud. He has also undergone training in modern interrogation techniques. Natasha is a paralegal at a magic circle firm with a strong interest in politics and political interviewing. She has previously conducted research on disclosure in freezing orders. They are giving the lecture on behalf of City Disabilities. Robert is profoundly deaf and both Robert and Natasha have dyslexia. The webinar is based on one Robert gave to the Chancery Bar Association in 2019.




                                  Robert Hunter                              Natasha Mutch

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