Bullock v. Denton - A Defendant's Waterloo

Join No5 Barristers' Chambers Nicola Preston and Shoomiths' Adam Draper & Andrew Bishop as they consider whether claimants can now "take a chance" on recovering success fees within Inheritance Act proceedings.

Their client Mrs Bullock was ultimately successful, securing a life interest in a property of £140,000, plus a lump sum of £70,000.

The judgment is notable in that the sum of £70,000 included £25,000 towards the success fee that Mrs Bullock would otherwise have had to bear as both her solicitors and Counsel acted under a CFA. The Judge, HHJ Gosnell, acceded to the submission that he was entitled to, and indeed should, take her liability to pay the success fees into account when considering her future liabilities under section 3 of the Act.

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