Air Quality, Climate Change and the Nitrates Issue

The issue of Air Quality has become one of the most controversial public issues as well as intractable environmental legal and planning problems facing decision-makers today. An EU compliant national Air Quality policy has troubled the High Court on no less than 10 times since the seminal ClientEarth case in 2015.

In addition Air Quality forms one of the central issues in the challenge to the UK Government’s “National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England”.

Next to this is the equally controversial issue of Green House Gas emissions and the Climate Change Act and how we reach zero rating by 2050 (if not sooner).

Nitrogen Neutrality in development: Why has the planning system ground to a halt in in South Hampshire and Herefordshire?

This seminar explores the issue of nitrogen enrichment in sensitive areas, its impact upon protected species and why ‘algal blooms’ have frozen the determination of planning applications for many months. It will also consider the steps being taken to resolve this issue and practical solutions to secure planning permission.