The LURA 2023 spells out change for planning. It aims to bring planning into the 21st Century, to get us building again and to deliver environmental outcomes. Where does green belt policy fit into this change agenda? No5 Barristers’ Chambers Richard Kimblin KC and LUC think that there is a need for a high-quality and balanced discussion on whether green belt policy is still fit for purpose and how it could change to help tackle today’s planning challenges. Green belts are popular and therefore politically sensitive. They attract praise and derision because they:

  • Have been preventing urban sprawl around our largest centres of growth for roughly 70 years;
  • Overlap with some of our countryside’s most valuable and least valuable environmental assets;
  • Are permanent and strategic but are changed incrementally and locally; and,
  • Are open to wide interpretation, leading to unpredictable and inconsistent plan-making and decision-taking.

This half-day summit on 3rd July at the Savoy, London, puts three questions across a spectrum of the country’s leading voices and practitioners in planning. Our aim is to work towards a consensus on what should and shouldn’t change in relation to the green belt and to publish the results. You can be a part of the answers to these questions by attending in person, or online:

  • Is the green belt policy fit for purpose today?
  • Are Local Plans the best way to define green belts?
  • Do the mechanisms for developing within green belts work?


In Person Cost: £120+VAT
Online Cost: £50+VAT

External Speakers