In a recent case, in which Anna Rohan appeared for the Applicant Wife at a Final Hearing, the Wife accused the Husband of failing to disclose his assets, forging her signature on various documents and having an undisclosed income.

At the conclusion of the Final Hearing, which the Husband did not attend, the Judge made findings that the Husband had forged the Wife’s signature on documents relating to debts and guarantees, that the Husband had withdrawn significant sums from the parties’ company and that the Husband had left the country.

Anna persuaded the Court that the Husband’s behaviour amounted to ‘Conduct’ for the purposes of Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act, that they could draw Adverse Inferences from the Husband’s non-disclosure and non-compliance, and that he had the means to meet his needs and pay the amounts due under the Order. This resulted in an Order that the Wife receive over £400,000 in a lump sum payment, spousal maintenance and child maintenance.

Anna also successfully argued that the Husband’s behaviour during proceedings amounted to ‘Litigation Conduct’ and the Court ordered the Husband to pay the Wife’s costs on an indemnity basis, in addition to the original lump sum awarded. 

Anna Rohan is a Family practitioner, who specialises in Matrimonial Finance law. She has experience in representing clients at all stages of proceedings, from FDA through to Final Hearings and Enforcement proceedings. She prides herself on her attention to detail and her thorough preparation of cases. Anna can be instructed, through her clerks, at

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