In the recently published case of London Borough Of Haringey V A and Others 2023 EWFC 301, 12th December 2023, Rebekah Wilson appeared for a respondent mother accused of inflicting fractures and bruising to her baby. Rebekah was instructed by Aqeela Hafeez Goodman Ray.

HHJ Karp did not make any of the findings sought against the parents. In this case, the broad canvass evidence simply could not support findings against the parents.

The Judge’s thorough analysis of the entire picture led her to find in the parent’s favour. The case is a reminder of the extraordinarily difficult cases circuit judges grapple with in the family courts.

Dr Rahman was the expert paediatrician instructed by the parties and supporting the Local Authorities’ case of inflicted injuries. The Judge noted this about his evidence:

“In his oral evidence, Dr Rahman accepted that there was a small possibility that a two‑year‑old child kneeling on a baby could cause the rib fractures. In response to cross‑examination from the parents, he accepted babies’ pain responses were variable, but I cannot accept that even a sleeping child would not be affected by a rib fracture.” He described it as very unlikely.”

The Judge accepted that an incident where babysitters were at the home and a sibling knelt on the baby could have caused the injuries.

A copy of the Judgment can be found here.