This International Women’s Day, we’re proud to share that Thea Osmund-Smith has been named in The Planner’s Women of Influence list 2024.

“Over the past year, Thea has been the leading barrister in the field of large scale solar farms. Her involvement and expertise at an early stage has influenced positive decision making and resulted in many successful appeal decisions. This has led to countless additional megawatts of green energy being produced on home soil, which is not only a leading government objective, but also of worldwide importance in the fight to tackle climate change. This is a key planning theme of the past year and will continue to be a key theme going forward.

“Thea has also authored a book on the subject and delivered many seminars to variable audiences. Notably, she was invited to speak at the Joint Planning Law Conference in September, where she delivered a witty, engaging and intelligent session on the subject of renewable energy. The seminar covered law, policy reform, key appeal decisions and consents. Of the key appeal decisions, she had been involved in most.

“She has developed junior barristers, delivered training sessions for inspectors, and represents the West Midlands Women in Planning group. She is an advocate for women and deserves to be recognised as a Woman of Influence.”

A huge congratulations to all 54 women featured. You can find the full list via the link below:

The Planner’s Women of Influence 2024 | The Planner