Talbir Singh KC and Aron Payne instructed by Omar Benares of IB legal secured the unanimous acquittal of Regan Anderson (RA) of both murder and manslaughter in the Crown Court at Birmingham.

The case lasted 3 ½ months and involved 3 defendants, two of whom were conducting a cut- throat defence. The remaining two defendants were convicted of Murder of Cody Fisher who died in tragic circumstances. Regan Anderson was convicted of Affray. The prosecution case was dependent upon multiple eyewitness accounts, CCTV and mobile phone footage, cell site evidence and urban street language expert evidence used in extensive telecommunications messaging.

The prosecution explained to the jury that Regan Anderson delivered ferocious blows towards Cody Fishers group in a planned attack where self defence did not apply. It was argued that the defendants were not dressed to attend a nightclub ( dressed in masks and hoodies) but dressed for revenge upon Cody Fisher as result of an earlier exchange.

The defence argued that Regan Anderson’s action were proportionate and commensurate as he was dealing with a brawl which had spilt over on the dance floor of the Crane. It was argued that the force he used was lawful. There was no dispute that Regan Anderson used violence however he did not use unlawful violence and more importantly did not inflict violence upon the deceased. A suggestion that fractures to the jaw of the deceased was caused by blows delivered by Regan Anderson was demonstrably wrong. (Proved by pathology)

In his closing address to the jury Talbir Singh KC said that if there was a plan to harm Cody Fisher, Regan Anderson was no part of it and if the prosecution were asserting that other defendant’s were “dressed to kill” Regan Anderson ( wearing nothing but a white T-shirt) was “dressed to do nothing but chill” in a nightclub where CCTV evidence demonstrated that he was dancing and enjoying himself prior to any violence.

Further, whilst others quickly fled the scene, the defence for RA tracked his movements which demonstrated that he remained in the vicinity for at least 19 minutes.
Following RA’s acquittal the trial judge HHJ Farrer KC released him on conditional bail. The sentence of all defendant’s is due to take place on 8th April 2024.

The case is reported on the BBC.