David Mason KC leading Chloe Ashley prosecuted the father of a six-month-old successfully obtaining a manslaughter conviction against him following a 5-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court before Mr Justice Dove.

Kairo Hollick died on 12th February 2020 after suffering a traumatic brain injury and skull fractures. Expert evidence presented by the Prosecution at trial, in a number of disciplines including Pathology and Neuroradiology, demonstrated that the defendant violently shook his son and hit his head against a hard surface. Kairo also suffered a fracture to his right forearm.

David Hollick denied causing catastrophic injuries to his son, Kairo.

The court heard that Kairo was in his father’s care for the weekend having been dropped off by his mother on 7th February 2020 as part of their usual custody arrangements.

However, only days later, Kairo was rushed to hospital in a floppy and unresponsive state. Medical tests revealed he had suffered devastating injuries including a bleed on the brain, fractures to his skull and bruising to his head and body. Sadly, Kairo’s injuries were unsurviable and he died on 12th February 2020.

Using expert testimony as well as phone and medical evidence, the Prosecution presented a compelling case that proved David Hollick was responsible for his son’s death.

The defendant will be sentenced on 4th March 2024.

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