The defendant had attended a property in Castle Vale where his daughter had been living with her husband and his family. The families had known each other in Syria before coming to this country as refugees. He was in the company of his daughter who was attending the address to get her belongings and his son. Matters appeared to escalate after a phone call from his daughter and the defendant and his son were seen on ‘Ring’ doorbell footage kicking and hammering at the door before it opened. 

Once the door opened footage showed the defendant with a kitchen knife in his hand and raised in the air. By the time he left some moments later in company with his son and his daughter the deceased, Mohammed Ibrahim who had been a dentist in Syria, had collapsed with four knife wounds and his daughter’s husband Aram Ibrahim had three knife wounds which would require extensive hospital treatment. Despite the speedy arrival of emergency services sadly Mohammed Ibrahim could not be saved.

The prosecution centred around the footage taken from the doorbell in which the defendant’s daughter could be heard saying ‘Daddy, don’t’, a knife which was retrieved from the defendant’s car and upon which the blood of both victims was identified and evidence from the resident’s and neighbours of the house in Castle Vale where the attack took place. 

 The defendant is set to be sentenced on 19th October 2023