Abid MAHMOOD appeared on behalf of St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust when Mr Justice MacDonald made declarations that Andy Casey was brain stem dead and that it was lawful for the Hospital Trust to stop further artificial ventilation.

The case was reported extensively in the media. An example of a report in the BBC is here.

The very sad case related to Andy Casey, aged 20. nbsp;He had suffered extremely serious brain injuries following a punch to the head. The Hospital had diagnosed brain stem death. Andy Casey’s family challenged the diagnosis, stating that there were movements by Andy Casey and that he was attempting to breath on his own. The Hospital disagreed, explaining that movements seen in Andy Casey were spinal cord reflexes and the perceived breathing was an artefactual response by the mechanical ventilation which had been keeping Andy Casey’s heart beating.

The decision of Mr Justice MacDonald can be seen here.

Following the decision of Mr Justice MacDonald, Andy Casey’s family sought permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal considered the application for permission to appeal at a hearing and dismissed the family’s application. Abid Mahmood appeared on behalf of St George’s NHS Hospital Trust. The decision of the Court of Appeal can be seen here.

Andy Casey’s family applied to the European Court of Human Rights seeking nbsp;Rule 39 interim urgent measures to prevent the removal of artificial ventilation to Andy Casey. The Strasbourg Court refused the family’s application stating it will not indicate special measures to the United Kingdom.

Abid MAHMOOD was instructed by Simon Lindsay and Jessica Bowman at Bevan Brittan LLP Solicitors.