29-year-old Mukori was convicted of sexually assaulting 12 women near student accommodation over a period of 6 years. Two of them he attacked twice. One of them he attacked 3 times. His modus operandi was highly unusual and inspired by his very particular pornographic interests.

Mukori had put his semen or a substance resembling semen made from Arabic Gum into a burger sauce bottle. He then approached his victims from behind and squirted his semen or pseudo-semen on to their bottoms over clothing from inches away so that it resembled an ejaculation.

All but one of the offences were committed in the vicinity of student accommodation, near Lancaster Circus or Selly Oak.

Travelling to the target area by car, Mukori waited sometimes all day for his carefully chosen victims. All were attacked in broad daylight. Stalking his victims from behind or bending down to tie up his shoelace to let them pass, he followed them at a very short distance. Sometimes he was focussed on a victim for up to an hour whilst they went to the gym or did their grocery shopping.

Most of them were aware of a man following them uncomfortably close and were unsettled by him, and a couple of them even confronted him, but none were aware of the assault at the precise instant it occurred, but only after they felt the cold liquid on them, or became or were made aware unsightly and embarrassing stain was pointed out to them.

Mukori was sentenced to 4 ½ years imprisonment and must serve a further four years on licence following his release. He will be on the sex offenders register for life.

Andrew Wallace was prosecuting – Graham Henson was defending for McGrath & Co.