Michelle Heeley KC prosecuted the tragic case of the death of 9 year old Alfie Steele. Dirk Howell and Carla Scott were both accused of murder after Alfie was found unconscious in a bath on 18th February 2021.

Cause of death was unascertained but Alfie had suffered multiple injuries including 7 areas of bruising to his head. The case involved a number of experts  ranging from neuropathology to epilepsy, with the defence suggesting the jury could not be sure this was an unlawful death. The Crown’s case was built upon the evidence of eye witnesses including teachers and neighbours who described abuse and assaults over a period of time, such that the jury were sure that Alfie had been beaten and murdered.

Michelle led Jennifer Josephs of St Philips Chambers instructed by Su Woulahan of the West Midlands Complex Casework Unit