Harpreet Sandhu KC led Sharon Bahia for the prosecution in a four-week trial in the Crown Court at Worcester following which Alan Edney was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Kerry Owen.

Alan Edney had subjected Ms Owen to violence during the course of their relationship.  He had a history of violence against other women.

At about 4am on 27 May 2022, Alan Edney subjected Ms Owen to a violent and sustained blunt force assault in a quiet country lane and killed her.  He dragged her body to a ditch where he placed it and secreted it using foliage.  He also covered her blood in the road with grass cuttings. The blood and Ms Owen’s body were found by a dog walker and his dog.  Alan Edney then span a web of lies about how Ms Owen had died.

His partial defences at trial were lack of intent, loss of self-control and diminished responsibility.

He was sentenced to a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years.