No5’s Siobhan Collins and Chloe Ashley were successful in prosecuting the group for conspiring to burgle and conspiring to steal. 

‘Operation Dynamite’ involved the prosecution of ten males for conspiring to commit car-key burglaries. In total, 33 cars were stolen from residential homes, along with other personal items.  An eleventh defendant admitted his guilt in relation to handling one of the stolen cars. All but one of the burglaries were of occupied homes at night-time. 

This was a highly coordinated team who targeted high-value cars for onwards sale. The case demonstrated how they had sourced and created false plates for the stolen vehicles in order to do the same and the lengths they went to in order to avoid detection including multiple police pursuits and threatening to stab a concerned neighbour.

The case was presented to the jury following extensive examination of phone contact, social media posts and cell-site evidence. 

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