A police officer was found not guilty after being accused of ‘assault by beating’ on a drunken man at the scene of a domestic violence dispute.

Adrian Keeling QC successfully defended PC Jack Green, 28, of any wrongdoing after a court accepted he had used proportionate and reasonable force when called out to the domestic argument.

District Judge Qureshi found PC Jack Green not guilty part-way through the defence case stating that he did not need to hear from a use of force expert by the defence and told the court:

“It is quite clear that the whole case really stands or falls upon the mobile phone video footage. It’s quite clear that he (Mr Gadu) was reluctant to be arrested and was not cooperating. The video footage shows that Lavinder Gadu was moving his hand towards Jack Green. Mr Green has explained that there were more extreme measures that he could have used but didn’t. He used the soft part of his inner forearm to strike Lavinder Gadu and managed to restrain him for a while further. It’s quite clear that the officer’s use of force was reasonable in the circumstances and proportionate to the threat as he perceived it.”

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