No5 is delighted to announce that Esther Gamble has been named “Barrister of the Year” by the Birmingham Law Society at their 2020/21 Legal Awards ceremony.Accepting the award, Esther thanked Birmingham Law Society and noted that the award represented gratifying recognition of the importance of the issues that she helps to address, including the significant number of women who sadly still leave the legal profession and the ongoing problem of harassment and bullying in the legal workplace; and recognition of the efforts of all those working to make legal workplaces more supportive of women.Esther thanked the No5 Equality & Diversity Committee, of which she is a member, and the No5 management team for all of their support in relation to these issues, as well as her fellow members of the Midland Circuit Women’s Forum Committee and the Bar Council Retention Panel.CEO and Director of Clerking Tony McDaid said: “We are delighted that Esther has won this award and consider ourselves lucky to have her not just because she is outstanding as a barrister but because as has been noted, she is very passionate about many causes that No5 hold dear. Her drive and enthusiasm across many areas have helped No5 further continue its direction of travel on gender and other equality issues. She is not only a star of the Bar but a role model for aspiring barristers and women in any profession”