We are pleased to let you know that Episode 2: Care and Case Management, from the Schedule School series, is now available on YouTube. In this episode the hosts and speakers take us through care and case management. We begin with how the Court will approach care, before looking at agency care, direct hire, night care and childcare. There is a downloadable excel schedule to accompany the seminar and we use the techniques we learnt in Seminar 1 for splitting multipliers before considering periodical payment orders.

For those of you who have not yet heard about the seminars, Schedule School has been created by Lois Norris as a free resource for practitioners to assist and guide you through drafting schedules. We have a range of speakers and in each episode they will guide you through a section of a schedule, using the fictional case study of Penny Foster throughout. The first episode Back to Basics is available here.

For more information, to view the case study and to download the accompanying materials for each seminar, please go to