Join the No5 Court of Protection Team in their second podcast in this series during the Covid-19 emergency.

This episode focusses on the practicalities of and challenges posed by conducting remote assessments in “the new normal”, and the principle of least restriction within the Court of Protection as illustrated by the case of BP-v-Surrey County Council and RP [2020] EWCOP 20 and its sequel, BP-v-Surrey County Council and RP [2020] EWCOP 22.

Keri Tayler is joined by our guest speaker, Tim Farmer, award-winning author, expert witness, and founder of TSF Consultants. Having conducted 47 remote capacity assessments to date since the start of the public health crisis, Tim shares his thoughts and expertise about his experience.

Keri introduces Alison Harvey, who represented BP. The case was heard on 25 March and came again before Mr Justice Hayden on 17 April.

Laura Davidson then provides a commentary on BP within the context of the domestic and international legal framework.