Two of the country’s biggest barrister’s chambers are collaborating, as some of the UK’s top legal experts offer expert advice during the coronavirus pandemic.

St Philips Chambers and No5 Barristers’ Chambers are teaming up to host a webinar, to explain and discuss the use of Arbitration in private law children’s cases, at a time when the legal system, like so many industries and professions are in turmoil due to the pandemic.

It is a ground-breaking and innovative arrangement between the two competitors in a profession not known for such initiatives, and who between them house more than 400 of the UK’s leading barristers across a multitude of legal specialities.

 “Our respective Chambers have never been afraid to think outside the box in order to provide innovative legal solutions. This joint partnership comes at a time when we are increasingly seeing the best in humankind and real resourcefulness with the country facing its biggest challenge in generations,” said Joe Wilson, Chambers Director of St Philips.

His views are echoed by Tony McDaid, Chief Executive of No5 Barristers’ Chambers. “The Bar is a very competitive place but there has always been a mutual respect between our two respective chambers and also genuine friendships. This collaboration seeks to help families through what on top of worries about COVID19 can be a very stressful period for them where a faster solution is at hand,” he said.

The webinar, via Zoom at 3pm on Tuesday 7th April, was conceived of a discussion between barristers, Carolyn Jones, Head of Family Law Practice Group at St Philips, and Barrister and Arbitrator Michele Friel, from No5, who were looking for ways they could best address the issue of many private law cases being adjourned.

Arbitration is being explored by the two family law experts as a possible solution for the clients of law firms, who are caught in the legal backlog following lockdown a fortnight ago. It is just one of the countless legal issues being posed by Covid 19’s impact on the economy.

Any legal experts wishing to know more, or join in the webinar can do so by emailing