Two advocates from No5 Barristers’ Chambers defended a man acquitted over a gang-related killing which saw three others found guilty of murder.

David Mason QC and Simon Hunka acted for Kyle Kinchen, 19, who was found not guilty of murder following a six-week trial at Warwick Crown Court over the death of Emmanuel Lukenga, 21, from Coventry.

Mr Lukenga, a father of one who was known as Manny, was fatally stabbed as he tried to escape members of a rival gang.

Enroy Ruddock, 19, of Melbourne Road, Coventry, was accused of being the knifeman and found guilty of murder, at Warwickshire Justice Centre, as were Bradley Richardson, 23, and Matthew Brankin, 19.

During the trial, the court heard that there had been a feud between two gangs, one from the Canley area of Coventry and the other from Tile Hill, which included Mr Lukenga. The defendants were members of the Canley gang who had spotted Manny and his friends in their area.

On a stolen motorbike, Kyle Kinchen and pillion passenger Ruddock, carrying a petrol can, set off to seek retribution, along with Brankin and Richardson, seen with an axe, in a Berlingo van.

They set alight the Astra that Mr Lukenga had been driving in Milrose Way and minutes later spotted two of Mr Lukenga’s friends, who ran into a local convenience store.

The van and the bike later came across Mr Lukenga and his friends and chased them.

Following an exchange during which Mr Lukenga brandished a weapon towards the vehicles as they drove by, Ruddock and Richardson gave chase on foot as Mr Lukenga fled into a nearby garden where his friends were hiding. He was followed into the garden by Ruddock who stabbed him once to the perineum, severing a vital artery. He died at the scene.

Following the attack, Ruddock shared a snapchat video in which he repeated the words of a rap about a stabbing.

Ruddock, Richardson, Brankin and Kinchen all pleaded guilty to arson. Whilst his co-accused were all convicted of murder, Kinchen was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter.

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