Three men have been cleared of plotting to blackmail a Premier League footballer, with two of the accused defended by counsel at No5 Barristers’ Chambers.

Phil Bradley QC represented former Take Me Out contestant Tyrone Coleman, 34, from Birmingham, while Talbir Singh represented his brother, Nathan, 38, of Sussex, over allegations that they jointly, with two others, planned to capture the footballer in a compromising situation for the purpose of blackmailing him.

Tyrone Coleman had denied conspiracy to blackmail. Nathan Coleman had also denied conspiracy to blackmail and two charges of theft relating to the footballer’s Rolex Watch and a designer tracksuit.

The high-profile player had previously met Natalie Wood, 28, of Cleethorpes, on two occasions and arranged to meet her for a third time last year.

Wood, along with the Colemans and a third defendant, Prince Rowe, 37, of Birmingham, were accused of hatching a plot to blackmail the footballer by bursting in on him and filming “incriminating” footage of him in bed with Wood. Rowe had also denied conspiracy to blackmail and two charges of theft.

The player, who cannot be named for legal reasons, jumped out of a hotel room wearing only his underwear after Rowe and Nathan Coleman entered the room.  The footballer sheltered in a nearby restaurant before calling the police.

The court heard that Wood, who had previously admitted conspiracy to blackmail, wanted to expose the player as a ‘love rat’ after realising that he had a partner.

Nathan Coleman, and Tyrone Coleman, were acquitted of blackmail after a three-week trial at Bristol Crown Court by a jury of nine women and three men. Nathan Coleman was also acquitted of three charges of theft, relating to the footballer’s tracksuit, wallet and watch.

Rowe was acquitted of blackmail and one count of theft relating to the wallet. He was convicted of two counts of theft in relation to the player’s tracksuit and watch. He and Wood will be sentenced next month.

A fourth man, Ras Robinson, 37, of Birmingham, was acquitted of handling stolen goods, relating to the watch.

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