A senior judge addressed an audience of legal experts in Birmingham to give a bird’s eye view of the current workings of the Court of Protection.

Her Honour Judge Hilder, Circuit Judge, Senior Judge of the Court of Protection, was the guest speaker for No5 Barristers’ Chambers at its Court of Protection seminar.

Around 50 delegates attended the event at the Clayton Hotel, which also saw a talk given by academics undertaking research at the Institute for Criminal Policy Research.

Senior Judge Hilder, told the audience that applications to the court were increasing, mainly due to an ageing population, with 31,000 applications received in the past 12 months.  She spoke about the rise in lasting power of attorneys, deputyship applications, and about recent cases which she had decided.

She stressed to delegates the importance of filling applications forms accurately as this helped with the smooth progression of each case. She added that the standard of representation in the region was extremely high and that the legal fraternity were a ‘committed and dedicated bunch and a pleasure to work with’.

No5 barrister Adreeja Chatterjee said: “We cannot thank Senior Judge Hilder enough for joining us at our seminar. Her talk was extremely interesting and looked closely at the workings of the Court of Protection and how legal practitioners can support that process.”

Dr Camillia Kong and Rebecca Stickler, of the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, put the spotlight on a research project, Judging Values and Participation in Mental Capacity Law.

The three-year interdisciplinary project is exploring the differential ways in which values impact and influence legal practice in the Court of Protection. The study sees collaboration between academics from the Institute of Criminal Policy Research, the University of Bristol and the University of Oxford.

Five barristers from No5’s Court of Protection team also spoke at the event, including Mike O’Brien QC who gave a talk entitled “Liberty Protection Safeguards: The New Law”, Ian Brownhill who looked at the interplay between the Court of Protection and other jurisdictions, Jake Rylatt who gave a property and affairs update, and Adreeja Chatterjee and Varsha Jagadesham who gave health and welfare case law updates.

Adreeja added: “The success of the seminar was evident not just from the high turnout, but from the quality and attentiveness of the delegates, and our external speakers certainly added an extra dimension and helped to provide a very informative event.”

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