FLBA release the President’s Guidance on arbitration in children cases

The Family Law Bar Association (“FLBA”) have released the President’s Guidance on arbitration in children cases

No5’s experienced and specialist child practitioner Michele Friel is Birmingham’s first qualified barrister to offer Arbitration for private law children issues.

Michele is widely regarded throughout the legal profession as a standout practitioner in relation to disputes involving children. With over 26 years practising in family matters Michele is now able to use her expertise and knowledge to assist parties in reaching a binding decision through the Children Arbitration Scheme as an alternative to the court process.

Arbitration offers a real positive alternative to court. It is entirely confidential and allows the parties to determine how their dispute will be determined and by who. Arbitration is  quicker, flexible and more cost effective than the court process.  Arbitration provides an opportunity to tailor the procedure to suit the needs of each case in terms of the venue, the date and the specific issues to be determined.

No5 Barristers’ Chambers can provide private, comfortable facilities to conduct the Arbitration and aside from Birmingham we can also offer the service in London, Leicester and Bristol.

If preferred Michele will travel to alternative venues to conduct arbitrations if this is more convenient to the parties.

For further information about instructing Michele, the Arbitration service and the costs involved please contact:

Adam Wadley, Family Practice Manager (AdamW@no5.com) or call 0121 6066138