Michael Burrows QC, a member of the Criminal Law Group of No5 Barristers’ Chambers, acted for the prosecution in the case of an extradited takeaway worker found guilty of murdering his employer.

Masoud Esmailian, 46, was stabbed at his West Bromwich flat by Andrei Ilie, who fled the country on the same day.

Ilie asked for work at the Roma Pizza on Dudley Road, Winson Green, and was offered a job so that he could earn some extra cash. However, Ilie went on to murder his new boss on the same day.

The jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard during the nine-day trial that Mr Esmailian, a father of two who was described by his family as a ‘loving and caring dad’, had also offered Ilie a place to stay after Ilie claimed he was temporarily homeless.

However, on arriving at Mr Esmailian’s flat in August 2015, Ilie stabbed the victim in the chest. He then returned to his lodgings, in Caplow Street, Winson Green, Birmingham before travelling back to Romania.

The defence claimed Ilie acted in self-defence, however the prosecution said he had gone to the flat with the intention of robbing his new boss after telling him he was having problems with his housemates and being offered a place to stay.

The prosecution said a bloodstained knife with fabric around the handle, which was found by police, demonstrated planning and intent by Ilie.

The jury returned a unanimous verdict as Ilie was found guilty of murder. He was given a life sentence and ordered to spend at least 17 years in prison.

Ilie came to the UK after committing a brutal robbery in his native Romania. After the murder, West Midlands Police officers travelled to Arges County in Romania to extradite Ilie. He was brought to the UK and charged with murder in August 2015 but returned to Romania to serve time for the robberies.

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